Project- Other Projects Undertaken by the Trust

5.List of  other projects undertaken by the trust 

1.Associate Project 

The associate project provides an opportunity for social work in a different way. Pl. informs your interest and knows us how you would like to associate with us.

Suppose you are the owner of a restaurant, so you can join us and provide lunch or dinner facility to our slum area children once in a year or as per negotiation.

Suppose you are the owner of the school, so you can help our children with how to draw, how to dance, how to play, etc with the help of your school student or teacher. In this way, different professionals and like-minded people can raise their hands to support our different activities and donate cash or kind as per their interest and hobby.

2.Pasti Ki Masti Project :

You can collect your daily waste newspaper or magazine, and send it to our center, you can do it individually or with your small group also. You can direct sales and give money as a donation for our deprived children.

3.Reference Project :

Here you can send us 5 or 10 addresses, email, postal address, or mobile number of like-minded people, who like to help such noble activities and interested in support to our organization. It’s basically about providing a reference.

4.Fight Against Malnutrition Project :

Under this project, we provided nutritional and balanced food for our children. You can bring any food for our children or can donate rupees for food to our organization.

5.Donate a book Project :

Under this project, you help our library. We need books for children. We periodically organize “Reading Workshop”, “Story Telling Competition” etc. We believe that the Book is food for the soul. So you can donate books or subscribe to children’s magazines also.

6.Donate a School Stationery Project :

 We need drawing books, pen, pencil, color, compass, lunch box, water bag, school bag, and notebooks for our children. So you can help us to provide school stationery to our organization.

7.Sponsor a Child:

 Under this project, you can contribute daily only Rs.1/2/5 for one year. Contribution of your daily One Rupees will change the lives of our children. (1X365=365, 2X365=730, 5X365=1825)

8.Tithi Yojana:

 You can give a donation on the day of Birthday, Anniversary, or on the memory of a family member who passed away.

9.Path of Happiness: 

 Under this project, you can invite our dance team of our children on the occasion of marriage, birthday, anniversary, or chronic illness of your family member. We entertain you with any type of program.

10.Support to children :

Support to promote “DIYA”

This Diwali we need your support. Our deprived children have made “DIYA” . We have started to promote it with our well-wishers and friends. You can take initiative to promote it in your WhatsApp group and different social media. Your support will be very useful for our 400 deprived children and 10 Happy Children Center where all children get an education and nutritious food. We are thankful for your last year’s support and hope to continue this year also.

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