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About the team of Chaitanya Trust :

Kajal Pandya ( Advocate)  (B.Com.,L.L.B.,D.T.L.P.,DCS.,M.S.W.)  is Managning Trustee of Chaitnaya Charitable Trust. Jamnagar. She has expertise in the field of women empowerment, Child development, Food & Nutrition, Employment, Education, Health & Environment etc. Kajal Pandya is a Advisory Member of District Advisory Committee of renewable energy. Energy Department. Central Government of India. She is actively giving their full time for the slum area of Jamnagar Happy Children Center in six slum area in Jamnagar. India. and serving to slum people of Jamnagar since last 20 year. She participated U.K.(2006) and Africa (2007, 2015) for International workshop and get wide experience.

Contact her @ chaitanyatrust1996@gmail.com or +91 (0)98240 08444, +91 (0)9408026042

Ragini Prajapati : B.Sc. Ragini holds a graduation degree from Saurashtra University and planning for master degree. She has experience working in the education sector. She believe in this quotes : “Staying positive in distress and always” “Take risks in your life, if you win, you lead, if you fail, you can guide!”

Vimal Aghera : He is one of the entrepreneur  and serving various function at Chaitnaya Trust.


Detail of board member : 

Kajal Pandya (Managing Trustee)

Ragini Prajapati (President)

Vimal Aghera (Trustee)


Core Group :

1. Dr.Pranav Vaidh  (Medical Officer : Jamnagar Municipal Corporation)

2. Bhupendra P Parmar (Police Sub Inspector)

3. Dr.Niranjan Pandya (M.D. Medicine) Consultant Physician

4. Bipin Rathod : (Health Informatics) Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Science and Technology. Jaipur.

5.  Atul Shukla (Advocate)

6. Vrajlata Vyas (leading social worker)

7. Ajay Mishra (B.E.)

8. Chintan Kavar (Engineer : Essar Industries)

Think Tank :

1. Devanshu Dave (Collector Office)

2. Hitesh Pandya (Advocate and National Trainer)

3. Nikhil Shukla (Teacher : International School)


Protect Girl :

1. Dr.Neha Acharya (Gynecologist)

2. Dr.Chandrika Tanna (Gynecologist)


Additional stack-holders, supporters and staff

Pooja Ajmeria (Coordinator)    ||    Durga Mulani    ||    Premila Prajapali

Merunben Malek    ||    Manjula Bharadia    ||    Ratan Bharadia    ||    Rehanaben

Zebunben Malek    ||    Vahidaben Aamdani    ||    Hetal Joshi    ||    Mansi Joshi

Nathiben Thakar    ||    Dr.Patliya    ||    Ritaben Daridhariya    ||    Pooja Bandhiya

Sanjay Makwana    ||    Mumtajben Malek

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