Happy children center


                               The “Happy Children Center” Project is the first of its kind in Gujarat State and perhaps in India providing multi-model systems of high-quality education, encouraging girls’ enrollment in schools, and improving teaching standards in the slum area of Jamnagar. The main goal of the center is “Learning with Fun”. The center uses interesting and creative teaching strategies to create a positive environment for learning, as well as build good moral values, and improve health and hygiene awareness.

Our Mission:

                             We want to make a difference in our slum area students’ lives by providing them vital academic information, skills, strategies, and by enhancing positive social growth and physical development. The “Happy Children Center” Project ensures that each student of the slum area acquires the knowledge, skill, and strategies necessary to reach his/her full potential and become a productive, responsible citizen. As a result, these children will become lifelong learners who are sensitive to the needs of a changing world and improve their opportunities in it.
                            At present we adopted 450 children and have a target to reach 3000 children. We need your support for Happy Children Center, we introduce some of the small and viable projects so you can choose any one as per your interest, and hobby. Your small help can change the future of children. You are the son of God who always helps innocent children.

                            The main goal of the Happy Children Center is to provide a positive learning environment for children living in the most deprived slums in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Rag pickers, child laborers, children who have dropped out of school, as well as those struggling in school are all served through the Happy Children Center. With a unique approach to education, games and extracurricular activities are used to encourage “Learning with Fun” as well as strong moral values and improved health and hygiene awareness.