Youth Support Project

                           The project ‘Youth Support Centre’, in its literal meaning, works towards supporting the white-collar and blue-collar workforces with recruiters or companies in India through a unified digital platform. In simple words, it caters to the needs of the work-seekers as well as the opportunity providers in the white-collar and blue-collar jobs market or any similar work opportunity market. Youth Support Centre initiates re-thinking for the white-collar and blue-collar employment and micro-entrepreneurship in India, specifically addressing the challenges of the post-pandemic new scenario where we have high reverse migration, apprehension and uncertainty for job seekers, and endless struggle faced by the industries to secure workforce to restart the production or service delivery.

Our Goal: 

                          The NGO aims to provide job opportunities to 10,000 unemployed youth of India in six years by providing them with upskilling opportunities, career and entrepreneurship counselling.

You can be part of this in helping us reach 10,000!