Vocational Training Center

                               Chaitanya Tailoring College has established on 1996, till date more than 6000 girls and women have gotten training at Chaitanya Tailoring College. Chaitanya Tailoring College are community based initiatives with the aim of empowering urban women to become self-reliant through sewing. Most of girls have started her work from home and earn daily Rs. 200 to 400. Chaitanya have a goal to sets up 10 Tailoring Collage in some of the urban area of Jamnagar Now a days two Chaitanya Tailoring College are running in different urban slum. Chaitanya facilitate and motivate urban women to join these collage where they are trained in sewing and stitch all type of clothes, and get certificate from Chaitanya Tailoring College. After completion of successfully the stich course they start journey of self-reliant and enterprising women.

                              M P Shah Computer Training Center provides best computer training part of women empowerment, our aim is to make a women to stand on their own legs by providing them the sufficient skills they need in the current technological world

Our Objectives

  • To develop confidence and self-esteem by helping participants to become involved in Computer Training
  • To provide participants with the opportunity to gain accredited, marketable work skills which in turn can lead to employment opportunities
  •  To eliminate the perception that Computer technology is passing people by and to increase the general awareness of the possibilities offered by Computer Training
  • To develop role models within communities which can promote the benefits of Computer Training
  • To increase the use of Computing among specific target groups.

Lets us make the women stand on their own, Join us now