Kajal Pandya

Designation: Managing Trustee
Qualification: B.Com., L.L.B., D.L.L.P., D.C.S., M.S.W. PHD

Kajal Pandya is the President of Chaitanya Charitable Trust. Jamnagar. She has expertise in the field of women empowerment, child development, food & nutrition, employment, education, health & environment etc. Kajal Pandya has successfully completed the Trainers’ Training Program for NGO Professionals by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. Kajal Pandya has served as an Advisory Member of District Advisory Committee of renewable energy under the Energy Department of Central Government of India for 3 years. She also has experience as a Monitoring Officer for National Polio Surveillance Project under India World Health Organization. She has actively devoted her full time to the slum areas of Jamnagar for different activities and projects and has served the people of slum areas of Jamnagar since the last 20 year. She has participated in U.K. and Africa for International workshops and has gained wide experience.

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