This is the primary focus of CCT were immediate growth is required to serve the significant and urgent need for advancing the lives of children.  The primary objective of the Happy Children Centre is to identify child labourers, rag pickers, children who are out of school or have dropped out, and students in government schools and encourage their education through games and extracurricular activities. The children in government schools are included in this group because of the bad quality of education in government schools. Children who attend private schools are not participants because they are already receiving better education. The main goal of the centre is “Learning with Fun”.  This means the centre works to build good moral values, improve health and hygiene awareness, and provides a positive environment for learning. The HCC serves a broad spectrum of children in the slums and supports children from the ages 6-15 yeas old, in Grade standard 1 to 10.

The Idea

  • Education is not restricted with the four walls of school. Nature, society, industry, art,  games, and social work are all able to provide education.
  • Education is the only medium of social change.
  • The whole process of education should be joyful.

We want to make a difference in our urban students’ lives by providing them vital academic information, skills, strategies, and by enhancing positive social growth and physical development.  The “Happy Children Centre” Project ensures that each student of the adapted urban area acquires the knowledge, skill and strategies necessary to reach his/her full potential and become a productive, responsible citizen. As a result, these children will become lifelong learners who are sensitive to the needs of a changing world and improve their opportunities in it.

Our objective is to focus on the following areas

  • Enrollment: All eligible village children must be enrolled in school in 1st standard.
  • Retention: Every enrolled child must complete an elementary education up to 8th grade.
  • Eliminate dropouts
  • Quality Education: Children should receive quality education and experience the joy of learning.
  • Elimination of Poverty: Providing basic skills and primary education, enables students to earn more and come out of poverty.